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Developer and supplier Actionstick© monopods.

A simple way to set up your camera quick and easy 4 to 6 meter high.

Perfect for all sports (and events):
- for organizations starting with or expanding video analysis,
- coaches wishing to record matches and trainingsessions,
- players wanting to record themselves for progession and portfolio sake,
and of course...
- for parents recording those fine moments (it's that easy!).

Apart from ordering an Actionstick, this site also provides basic information on choice of camera and analysis software. We have no commercial interest with any of the mentioned brands.

The Actionstick© monopod: filming from up high.

Every analysis starts with footage, filmed from height. Period.

For this reason we developed the Actionstick©. Unlike any other monopod (or mast pole) the Actionstick© uses existing high - metallic - structures along pitches e.g. lighting poles and nettingframes behind the goals or even streetlanterns. Record everywhere along the pitch: home and away.
The Actionstick© works with actioncameras and many other lightweight configurations e.g. gimbals and handheldcamera's.
A camera is easily placed at 4 to 6 meters high: this guaranties a clear view of team tasks, player movements, unused spaces etc.

The Actionstick excells in speed of set up: click and mount with magnets.

An Actionstick is lightweight and telescopic. Because an Actionstick works with magnets there is no need to carry along extra weights to keep your monopod in place. As a standalone monopod most likely would bend with the wind, an Actionstick is pretty stable clicked to a lightingpost for sure.

...simpel set up 4 to 6 metres high...

The real dimension of this is footage is full HD, far more than this image.

Easy placement on top of safety net posts
Click to enlarge.

Step 1: your eye in the sky!

Recording: what camera do I need?

Making a decision...

Recording can be done with an action camera (point and shoot). If following the ball during gameplay is desired a (pocket) gimbal is needed with remote operation via an app on a mobile phone or tablet.

Important camera properties for recording sports: battery life, lense settings, and operational Wi-Fi distance. With most quality cameras it is possible to stream video live.

For the Osmo pocket gimbal, the Wifi module is purchased separately, but the range around the camera remote control is certainly satisfactory.

... wifi bereik testen ...

For sake of testing the Wifi range of the Osmo pocket gimbal we placed a DJI Osmo pocket behind the target on top of a safety net post and operated it with a tablet from the sideline (circled in red) everything works fine up to about 30 metres. In comparisson to other cameras this is pretty good.

Notice for producers and vendors of any lightweight camera configuration such as handhelds, IP camera's, actioncams, (pocket)gimbalcameras etc. Would like to have a camera tested on an Actionstick©? Please contact us! It is impossible for us to purchase the many options and brands available.

Step 2: A fixed camera or not?

Processing footage

You have your footage, now what?

There are several ways to handle your footage, as there are many software solutions to choose from varying from webbased to local use on your computer (or both).
Our advice is to tryout different solutions first prior to purchase. It may even be that analysis software is not needed for your specific needs.
Consider the free VLS player with it's chapter functionaltiy. Handy for teamviewings is to show clips on the fly, instead of endless scrolling through footage.
Also we like the Zoomplayer from Inmatrix. An old free version (14.5.0)can be downloaded here. With both solutions a small chapter file with your chosen moments is saved locally on your computer. This is a very basic way to master analyzing footage and viewing it to a team or player. If more features are necessary specific analysis software comes into focus.

een videoplayer met chapter functie

The still from this clip was made with the Actionsick + Removu K1. Footage was processed with the free Inmatrix Zoomplayer. The inset shows the chapter box with moments. Just by clicking on a specified line makes the video playhead jump to the specific moment.

Consider that using software and analyzing footage is a skill by it's own. Keep it simple if you are new to this.
Our favorite analysis software is V-note. This software works standalone on a local PC and can be expanded with cloud server storage. Further more we like the intuitive lay-out and the timeline app for real time tagging during game event.

Step 3: The difference between looking and seeing. Tag moments, draw conclusions, review, view...in short: analyze!


Actionsticks © are telescopic and consists of dedicated parts, assembled in our workshop in Amsterdam.
Actionstick© €295,- (0% VAT)
For orders outside the Netherlands 0% VAT (a valid VAT number needs to be provided)
Costs for transport is not included.

A basic Actionstick© is composed of:
- a glass fibre telescopic rod (4 metres)
- a magnetic bottom handle
- a magnetic top
- 1/4" universal camera screw
the Actionstick

Mail us for ordering

Mounting extra's:
- GoPro mount €5,-
- ballhead mount €15,-
- upon request customization is possible, e.g. mounting solution, carbon rod, rod length etc.
- rainshelter for pocket gimbals.
- hard case (120x12x12 cm) to store the Actionstick.

* Adding bodyheight to the 4 metre pole gives an extra 2 metres.


fred@animation.nl · 06-47595051
hayo@animationsports.nl · 06 33401109

Fred van Mourik works as a designer and is the creator of the Actionstick©. Fred graduated Visual Communication Arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam.
Design studio: Spyidon Louisweg 94,
Workshop: Slijperweg 12a,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

We assemble and supply Actionsticks© since 2015. Users are mainly rugby, hockey and soccerclubs throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.
As our users are enthousiastic about the product we are looking forward to expand business to other countries.

Our philsophy is that video is great for - and should be part of - any sporting learning process.
The Actionstick© evolved out of a form follows function principle and setting up an Actionstick can easily be done players themselves, involved parents or fans.

The Actionstick© allows different type of lightweight camera solutions. Even some handhelds (e.g. Canon Legria) can be mounted.
As camera types and brands come and go (as goes for software solutions) we do not promote dependency of any particular all-in-one solution. Usually these solutions come with yearly subscription costs. We say: stay flexible with an Actionstick©!


Since when is Animation Sports/ Actionstick© operational?
"The first orders for Actionsticks© were end of 2016. The concept of the stick originated in the season 2014/15. At the time I was soccercoach and youth coordinator at ASV de Dijk in Amsterdam and very interested incorporating the use of video throughout the club. I couldn't find a system that fitted within the club's budget and started working on a solution myself. The first stick worked with a mount and without magnets; these are still available by the way. Colleague trainers became enthusiastic and were able to make their own footage quickly without any supervision. As coaches and managers of opponents saw the stick in action during games, they made inquiries resulting in the first orders for the Actionstick©. After the Actionstick© became magnetic and the launch of the website, orders came from outside the Amsterdam region: soccer, hockey and rugby teams throughout the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium) and universities of Wageningen and Tilburg. Also the stick is multi purpose and has been used to inspect industrial installations, buildings and record festive events. "

How to order an Actionstick© and what about warranty after purchase?
The Actionstick is a custom built product. By mail or phone we will have personal contact with you prior to assembling the Actionstick©. The delivery time of an Actionstick© can vary but is usually within a week. After set on transport we also mail a scan of the parcel barcode (trackingcode).

Each stick is always tested before transport and we give a parts guarantee in case the stick is not functioning properly.
We are not a webshop with large stock. The Actionstick© is not a mass product from a distant country. In the production process we use locally sourced wood as possible. Especially elm from the inner city of Amsterdam.
(see: www.stadshout.nu).

Can an Actionstick be tried out first?
A stick can always be viewed and tried out in advance at our test location (de Volewijckers) in Amsterdam Noord.
Depending on the distance, we can give a demonstration at your location for a fee.
We don't have sticks for rent.

What if the masts around a pitch are not suitable for magnets?
Then it is also possible to use an Actionstick©. In fact, the first Actionsticks© were non-magnetic and worked with a socket. These docking sockets do need to be placed at 4 to 6 metres high. This can easily be done with straps.

Which camera is the best?
In our demonstrations we made use of the Garmin Ultra action camera and the Removu K1 gimbal camera. Nowadays we use the ultra light DJI Osmo pocket. Are these the best? We can't say, but they all meet the basic criteria for video analysis:

For actioncameras, the latest versions of GoPro cameras (6/7/8) and Garmin Ultra meet the criteria easily.
We know that some of our customers use Sony actioncams or Canon Legria handheld.
Of the camera gimbals we believe the Removu K1 is a good choice (this camera also has zoom functionality). Camera types and brands, gimbals and camera gimbals come and go, call us in case of specific question on a particular camera. Keep in mind that the Actionstick© can be used for present and future camera's.

Which analysis software is the best?
We maintain contacts with various developers and suppliers and are well informed. The best solution depends on your wishes and budget. But the success of video analysis really depends on the people who have to work with it. It is best to first make an inventory of your criteria. Is software for personal use, or is it to be used throughout the organisation? Make sure to have all your questions answered prior to purchase. We have no commercial relation with any particular vendor but find V-note a very handsome solution for most analysis situations.

Can I film myself?
Yeah, sure! For example, the stick is suitalbe for making a personal sports portfolio, observe your swing, service or horse dressage.

I prefer an Actionstick© made of carbon, is that possible?
Yes, but this costs extra. As pricing for materials differ please contact us for an exact quote.

Is an Actionstick© storm-proof?
Pretty much. We made footage at wind force 6. It is important to place the stick on the lee side of a lighting pole. But as for any mounting system, suitable weatherconditions are up to the judgement of the user.

ASV de Dijk-UDI

Wind force 6 over the 't IJ at ASV de Dijk against UDI. March 2017

Final remark: the brandname Animation Sports has evolved into Actionstick over 2021.

Fred van Mourik
June 2021